Care Coordination Including Remote Monitoring. Dedicated to Pediatric Patients.

Patient care is optimized when clinicians, families, and schools come together as a care team with real-time communication. Our mobile platform improves the hospital-to-home experience and keeps kids from returning for additional emergency care and admissions.

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Care Coordination

Remote monitoring accelerates discharge, and care coordination reduces emergency care.

NowVitals ties critical data to a personalized patient action plan. By monitoring kids who are discharged from the hospital, we accelerate return to health. As conditions change, alerts and education are pushed to family members so proper action can be taken to keep kids out of the hospital or ER.

Freedom for Kids. Peace of Mind for Families.

NowVitals improves the quality of life for children with chronic asthma so they can focus on being kids. Meanwhile, families instantly receive alerts if changing conditions could require prompt action.

How It Works

A graphic that displays the NowVitals app and how it helps pediatric patients.
A graphic that displays the NowVitals app and how it helps pediatric patients.



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FERPA Compliance
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Organizational Benefits

NowVitals Flips the Economics for Hospitals

The cost of caring for pediatric asthma patients has skyrocketed while reimbursement has not kept up. Accelerating discharge and decreasing emergency visits will reduce the monetary loss of caring for these patients.

The NowVitals solution also provides a new revenue stream to take advantage of Remote Patient Monitoring reimbursement through existing CPT Codes.

The net effect is a decrease in costs and an increase in revenue for hospitals.

A doctor listening to a child's lungs to check for asthma symptoms.

Meet the Team

A headshot of Dr. Robin Deterding.
Dr. Robin R. Deterding

CEO/CMO, Co-Founder

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Philip Leone

Business Strategist

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Linda Womack


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Sharon Lake


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Jonathan Gasson


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Dr. Drew Hertz


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Tam Vu


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Michael Courtemanche


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A headshot of Dr. Robin Deterding.
Dr. Robin R. Deterding

CEO/CMO, Co-Founder

Dr. Robin R. Deterding, who serves as NowVitals’ CEO/CMO, is a world-renowned expert in the care of children with lung disease and a visionary leader in clinical care delivery. She is a tenured professor of Pediatrics and the chief of Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine at the University of Colorado and the medical director of the Breathing Institute at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, one of the largest breathing organizations in the world for children.

Throughout her career, she has led national and international organizations and has consistently been named one of the Best Doctors in Denver and in America. Committed to transforming healthcare, Dr. Deterding has published over 150 articles, secured grant funding, and co-founded several companies with multiple patents.

A headshot of Phillip Leone.
Phillip Leone


Phillip Leone, NowVitals’ business strategist, is a seasoned healthcare leader with over 30 years of experience launching and growing startup organizations.

Before starting his own consulting company in 2011, Philip held executive positions at EquipNet/Legend Healthcare and at CardioNet, where he was instrumental in navigating the company’s novel technology through the AMA and CMS and in earning a Category I CPT Code. He was very active in the preparation and execution of CardioNet’s successful $180M IPO in 2008. Additionally, Philip was an executive of another organization that raised $20M to launch its new technology and reimbursement model in 2016.

Supported by his proven ability to drive business growth through aggressive reimbursement initiatives, market trend analysis, and sales penetration, Phillip has created and launched several new business models specifically for the delivery of remote cardiac monitoring services. These businesses achieved $32M and $4M in annualized revenue in two years and in the first full year of operation respectively.

Philip received his undergraduate degree from Western New England College in Springfield, MA, and was a board member of the Community Health Accreditation Program from April 2000 – April 2002.

A headshot of Linda Womack.
Linda Womack


Linda Womack, Operations, began her medical career as a radiology technologist. Before coming to Anschutz, she served in senior leadership roles at several California hospitals for more than 25 years, where she managed numerous ancillary service departments in hospital and outpatient settings, including Radiology, Respiratory and Pulmonary, Radiation Oncology, Lab, Pathology, Microbiology, non-invasive cardiology and Cath Lab, transport team, Bio Med, supply chain and procurement, and healthcare technology.

As a high-level administrator, she relied on her clinical experiences to manage and implement various clinical IT solutions including Epic and various PACS systems along with complex medical equipment integrations. Her passion has always been to mentor young leaders and spent six years as an adjunct professor teaching Healthcare IT at USC in the MHA program.

As an advisor to numerous medical device companies, including several startups, Linda understands the inefficiencies that can plague healthcare systems and the value of using technology to treat patients remotely.

Linda holds a master’s degree in health administration from the University of Southern California.