Now Vitals

Connected Care Platform for Remote Pediatric Asthma Management


Managing pediatric chronic care is at the breaking point

  • Kids pose unique challenges
  • Pediatric asthma is complex to manage
  • $7B annual savings if proactive treatment implemented

Current standard of care is an analog solution in a digital world

When the care plan is not accessible = patient is at risk

What is needed: end-to-end platform for pediatric asthma management

Diagnostic algorithms
Navigation & Education

The Now Vitals solution: end-to-end connected care platform to understand the entire picture

  • Family-driven data-sharing software
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Personalized action plan
  • Critical information pushed to phone
    • Current action plan + live updates
    • Alerts to caregivers + providers
    • Education

Impact to quadruple aim

Lower Cost of Care: reduction in hospital admissions, ER visits and pharmacy costs

Improved Patient Experience: better access to health care and quality

Improved Patient Outcome: reduce flair-ups with better tracking and communications

Improved Provider Experience: more efficient use of employees/resources

Coordinated care will keep kids out of hospitals and reduce the burden to hospital systems

Dr. Robin Deterding, CEO